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Building A Gesher In War

Gesher is currently working on all fronts in order to provide assistance and help strengthen the social resilience of Israeli society. Below are some current projects, along with opportunities to join some of the these initiatives.

Gesher for
Our Soldiers

Sessions for officers and soldiers who have experienced difficult and complex situations. Gesher’s facilitators make it possible for the soldiers to process the situation and return, stronger, back to the battlefield.

Gesher for
the Wounded

Gesher is assisting the Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh) in mobilizing medical equipment and emergency systems to treat casualties. To donate, contact

for Youth

As part of a joint venture with the Social and Youth Administration arm of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, we are working to activate hundreds of thousands of youth in Israel to advocate on behalf of Israel on social media. To join:

Gesher to
the Diaspora

The AM”I Alliance, our joint venture between Gesher and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, is producing videos and PR material as part of the national Hasbara initiative. Please help us share the videos from AM”I’s Facebook page.

Gesher for
the Evacuated

We are managing a hotel in Jerusalem with evacuees from the South, together with the Lev Echad organization. To help, email

Gesher for
the Kidnapped

A team of Gesher’s Board members and Fellows are working as part of the official, national effort dealing with this complex and challenging issue under the auspices of national representative, Gal Hirsh.

Gesher to Lone
Soldier Families

Gesher is mobilizing teams to attend the funerals and shivas of lone soldiers. To join, contact the information center of the fallen.

Gesher to
Social Media

Using Gesher’s distribution platforms on social media and beyond, we are promoting significant initiatives to highlight efforts on the ground that are making a difference. View and join the initiatives here.  To suggest an initiative to highlight, please email