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Create Your Legacy

When you include Gesher in your Legacy plan, you're helping us to build a united Israel for generations to come

Create Your Legacy

Join Gesher as we build our shared future

Your legacy plan reflects what is most important and meaningful to you. When you include Gehser in your Legacy plan, your helping to secure all we have accomplished and support a thriving and vibrant future in Israel.

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Your vision for the Future

Creating a Legacy plan is an empowering experience that allows you to leave your personal imprint on the future. It completes the work of your life and offers the opportunity to support a a cause you care deeply about.

The Gesher Legacy Society brings together our passionate community of supporters who are committed to ensuring a thriving, equitable, and healthy future generation of children in Israel.

Gesher plays a unique important role in creating a unified and vibrant future in Israel. Legacy is an opportunity for supporters to join our mission of building a sustainabile future in Isarel.

Your commitment to the future not only protect what Gesher has achieved, but also plants the seed for the future in Israel that we all envision

JJ Sussman

Through Legacy, we all have an opportunity and responsibility to play a part in Israel’s shared future and helping to build the foundation for our future generations.

Start Your Plan

Getting started wtih your Legacy is easy. Get in touch with Gesher to learn more about getting started.