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Ways To Give

Ways To Give

Make a Lasting Impact

In today’s society, so many cultural forces are actively dividing the Jewish people. Gesher, almost single-handedly, is bringing us back together. For 50 years, Gesher has been tirelessly working to encourage the Jewish people to respect, accommodate, and embrace our diversity. 

This is why your financial support of Gesher is critical not only to the future of Israel but to the future of the Jewish people

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Support One Of Our Programs

Building the leaders for tomorrow

Building the leaders for tomorrow

Gesher works with the future leaders of Israel to encourage their appreciation of the various sectors of Israeli society. We also engender a sense of responsibility for building a shared future. Gesher works with IDF officers, high school youth, nationwide youth groups, and even campers at our very own summer camp. We run seminars that bridge cultural, religious, and social divides,  facilitating dialogue and establishing lasting relationships.


Help us extend these efforts, and together, we can create a brighter tomorrow.

The Haredim Iniatiative

One of the greatest rifts in contemporary Israeli society is between Haredim and mainstream Israeli society. Gesher is actively working to bring Haredim and mainstream Israeli society together. We are particularly proud of the “Israeli Dialogue” initiative, a partnership with the Ministry of Education. The program is the first to bring Haredim into the high school classrooms of non-Haredi students across Israel for an honest discussion that dispels preconceived notions and shatters stereotypes.

If you want to break the cycle of resentment and distrust while enabling Haredim to enhance their contributions to mainstream society, then support this initiative.

The Haredim Iniatiative
International Development

International Development

If the State of Israel is to be a source of unity for the Jewish people, then Israelis must develop a sense of responsibility for Jews globally. This starts with educating Israelis about Jews in the Diaspora and pulling them together – even as they are threatening to drift apart. Our International Development effort is all about building bridges between Israelis and Diaspora Jews.

Supporting this effort will help ensure that the State of Israel will be the State of the Jewish people.

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To learn more about giving options at Gesher, including gifts of stocks, bonds, insurance, or making a Legacy gift, please contact us at You can also fill out our contact form to have us contact you.